Raising Carpet Pile

raising carpet pile

    carpet pile
  • A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of "pile" attached to a backing. The pile is generally either made from wool or a manmade fibre such as polypropylene, and usually consists of twisted tufts which are often heat-treated to maintain their structure.

  • The tufts of yarn that stand erect from the base of the carpet, forming the pile which is walked upon

  • Lift or move to a vertical position; set upright

  • Construct or build (a structure)

  • Lift or move to a higher position or level

  • increasing in quantity or value; "a cost-raising increase in the basic wage rate"

  • the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

  • elevation: the event of something being raised upward; "an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon"; "a raising of the land resulting from volcanic activity"

raising carpet pile - Raising Hope:

Raising Hope: The Complete First Season

Raising Hope: The Complete First Season

Emmy® Award-winning creator Greg Garcia (My Name is Earl) brings you this hilarious and endearing comedy about the joys – and pains – of parenthood and a dysfunctional family. A one night stand becomes a life-long commitment when twenty-three-year-old Jimmy Chance inadvertently impregnates a wanted felon and decides to raise Hope (aka Princess Beyonce) on his own. Jimmy, together with his family, face play dates, family photo shoots, rock star dreams, vasectomies and more in the uproariously irreverent, critically acclaimed first season of Raising Hope.

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Konya carpet fragment found at mosque, 14th c, Istanbul

Konya carpet fragment found at mosque, 14th c, Istanbul

Date: 14th c.
Original location: found in Ala al-Din Mosque, Konya, Turkey
Collection: Istanbul: Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art
Medium and size: wool pile
183 x 130 cm (72 x 51 in.)
Literature: Bloom and Blair 2003, Islamic Arts, p 238

Notes: One of twenty fragments found in 1903 in successive layers in the prayer hall of the foremost mosque in Konya, modern-day Turkey. According to Bloom and Blair 2003, 'The Konya carpets are relatively coarse and knotted with symmetrical knots in a limited range of strong colors....The generous size [of the largest carpet, 2.58 x 5.5 meters-- 8.5 x 18 '] suggests that they were produced on a commercial scale.'

The border of white interlace is similar to many early Renaissance paintings, suggesting that the carpets depicted in the paintings before 1500 had a similar source. I suggest that these carpets found in the Konya mosque were woven by Christian weavers in the urban centers of what is now modern-day Turkey. Christians who did not convert to Islam were taxed at a punishing 30% tax rate higher than their Muslim cohorts. Taxes were collected in the form of luxury goods, like carpets, which were then donated to the most prestigious mosques. Conversion to Islam guaranteed a more favorable tax bracket, a financial incentive that had considerable merit in 15th c. Turkey among merchants raised as Christians, who might be only nominally committed to their traditional faith. By 1500 the cities and regions in Turkey that had been traditionally Christian for the past 1000 years were largely converted, forcibly or otherwise, to Islam.

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Carpeting Dalhenzean Farm House

Carpeting Dalhenzean Farm House

This photograph shows fibre from disintegrating carpets. This pile of fibre was collected by simply rubbing the surface of the carpet. The problem has become so bad that carpets have to be brushed by hand before they can be vacuumed (the fibre clogs the vacuum cleaner), this process is time consuming and tiring.

The poor condition of the carpeting was raised prior to our occupancy. During initial negotiations we clearly understood that this was to be attended to. We regret to note that the only carpets that have been replaced are the lounge carpet and downstairs passage carpet.

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raising carpet pile

raising carpet pile

Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

In Raising Cain, Dan Kindlon, Ph.D., and Michael Thompson, Ph.D., two of the country's leading child psychologists, share what they have learned in more than thirty-five years of combined experience working with boys and their families. They reveal a nation of boys who are hurting--sad, afraid, angry, and silent. Kindlon and Thompson set out to answer this basic, crucial question: What do boys need that they're not getting? They illuminate the forces that threaten our boys, teaching them to believe that "cool" equals macho strength and stoicism. Cutting through outdated theories of "mother blame," "boy biology," and "testosterone," the authors shed light on the destructive emotional training our boys receive--the emotional miseducation of boys.

Kindlon and Thompson make a compelling case that emotional literacy is the most valuable gift we can offer our sons, urging parents to recognize the price boys pay when we hold them to an impossible standard of manhood. They identify the social and emotional challenges that boys encounter in school and show how parents can help boys cultivate emotional awareness and empathy--giving them the vital connections and support they need to navigate the social pressures of youth.

Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher's groundbreaking book, exposed the toxic environment faced by adolescent girls in our society. Now, from the same publisher, comes Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson, which does the same for adolescent boys. Boys suffer from a too-narrow definition of masculinity, the authors assert as they expose and discuss the relationship between vulnerability and developing sexuality, the "culture of cruelty" boys live in, the "tyranny of toughness," the disadvantages of being a boy in elementary school, how boys' emotional lives are squelched, and what we, as a society, can do about all this without turning "boys into girls." "Our premise is that boys will be better off if boys are better understood--and if they are encouraged to become more emotionally literate," the authors assert. As a tool for change, Kindlon and Thompsom present the well-developed "What Boys Need," seven points that reach far beyond the ordinary psychobabble checklist and slogan list. Kindlon (researcher and psychology professor at Harvard and practicing psychotherapist specializing in boys) and Thompson (child psychologist, workshop leader, and staff psychologist of an all-boys school) have created a chilling portrait of male adolescence in America. Through personal stories and theoretical discussion, this well-needed book plumbs the well of sadness, anger, and fear in America's teenage sons. --Ericka Lutz

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