Carpet Steam Rental : White Fluffy Carpet.

Carpet Steam Rental

carpet steam rental

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Masala Diamonds

Masala Diamonds

Forgive the stained carpet. This was just after steam-cleaning too. I HATE carpets. Particularly light-colored ones. It will not be too soon when we leave this little rental house.

Here is the quilt-top all laid out. I was looking for a pattern that would allow the different fabrics to contrast, but have a solid, too, that would provide some focus, and calm down the otherwise extremely busy design. This is derived from something called "Argyle Update" I found on line. I am calling this quilt "Masala Diamonds". "Masala" is a nod to the Indian origins of the fabric, as well as the busy-ness of the pattern.



Steam pouring from the University of Cincinnati's Central Utility Plant in yesterday's chilly air.

carpet steam rental

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